A Tribute to the Fight
               -by Mrs. Pander

The following poem was written by PandaBear's mom after she found out the show was not renewed.


Your heart is really breaking today,
There isn't much that I can say;
Seven guys and some horses too,
Turned out to be quite a crew.
This TV show could make you sigh,
The guys could make you laugh and cry;
Thoughts of them did fill your mind,
Now their show you will not find.

You and your friends are indeed sad,
And deep down you are even mad;
Your guys lost in the shuffle today,
Renewed the show, CBS said NO WAY.

The friends you have made across the net,
Are really great folks, on that I'll bet;
You lost the show, you lost the battle,
But I'm sure all of you will stay in the saddle.

Thoughts of the seven, someday will fade,
Thank God for all the friends you've made;
Keep your friendships, they are gold,
Won't this be something to remember when you are old?


If you would like to send a note to Mrs. Pander, email Panda at mag7fan@gte.net and she'll pass the message on.

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