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These are the bios of the characters in "The Outriders" series.  If you would like to write an
Outriders story, just give me a bio of your character and go to town!
Last Updated:  15 July, 1999

Calamity Jane (Cal)
    -as herself

Eyes: blue
Hair: brown
Age:  mid-twenties
Calamity dresses in buckskins.  She packs two colt .45's and a '73 Winchester rifle.  She also has been known to make use of anything around her as a weapon when need be--she's very good at fighting, and has some boxing skills.  She carries a bow and arrows in a sling on her saddle, but rarely uses them.

Background:  Nobody knows where she is from yet.  What is important is that something happened when Cal was 16 that sent her on the run.  She did time in prison and escaped.  Having nowhere to go, she ended up on the run, falling in with various people, learning to fight and survive.  She often went to stay among the plains indian tribes (it's rumored she is a half breed) and just became a wanderer.  Her horse's name is Windy.

Personality:  Cal is a loner (her past will reveal why later), but is becoming fond of Four Corners (though she would never admit it).  She is reserved and quiet, taking in the environment around her with alert eyes, yet she has a good sense of humor.  Cal doesn't talk a lot, but when she does it usually means something.  She feels responsible for the death of a young friend she rode with a few years back, and the guilt eats at her.  When she gets into a bind she doesn't want to have friends around that may become casualties, so usually she just takes the fight straight to the person or high tails it.  She may be a loner, but when she makes a friend she becomes very loyal to them, and is very protective.  She's very stubborn and doesn't usually back down from a fight.  It takes a lot to get her mad, but when she does--Watch out!!!

Starring in:  The Outriders
                  Enter: The Outlaws

Liana Devereaux
    -as herself  (aka IcyLady)

Eyes: blue
Hair: blonde

Liana was born and raised in Louisiana.  She came west to begin a new life after receiving news
that her fiancée had been killed during his time in the army.  She works in the Four Corners Saloon, hoping to one day make enough money to start her own business.

Starring in:  The Outriders

    -Jessica Weeks

Eyes: blue
Hair: brown with red highlights
Skin: fair
Age: 17

Background:  Ophelia Boardman was born in Massachusets. Unlike many of the people in Four Corners her life has not been particularly troubling, even though she has lost both parents.  Her dad died of pnemonia when she was 6 and her sister, Titania was 10.  Titania was very close to her father and was devistated when he died. She grew bitter and developed a great
animosity toward Ophelia becuase she felt that their mother loved Ophelia more and that Ophelia had stolen her mother's love from her.  Their mother died when Ophelia was 16 and she left both her daughters money to do with as the pleased.  Both Ophelia and Titania chose to go west.  Ophelia has only been out west for a few months and, all though she may at times seem naive to life out west, she usually suprises people with her empathy and unnerving understanding of human nature.

Personality:  Ophelia is full of energy and life.  She is very intelligent, and had attended a good school in the east.  She's fun loving and adventurous, and enjoys a good laugh now and again. She is sarcastic, but in a fun way, and loves to joke around.

Starring in:  The Outriders

Jean Pander
    -as herself  (aka PandaBear)

Hair: brown
Eyes: blue

Background:  Jean was born to a poor family.  She came to Four Corners on a rainy night, soaked and freezing.  She was found by Ezra, who she is secretly in love with, and after recovering began to work with Nathan as his assistant.  She is a good nurse and feels like she owes a debt to Nathan and the boys for giving her a second chance at life.

Personality:  Jean is strong and proud, but tender and sweet, also.  She is very levelheaded, and is trusted by many with their problems, since she is a good listener.

Starring in:  The Outriders

Rachel Ridley
     -as herself (aka Dragonlady)

Eyes: blue/green
Hair: "very" blonde
Skin:  fair
Rachel is 5'10", flat-footed, and built like a tree--long legs, short torso, and broad shoulders.

Rachel is the owner/operator of the Four Corners Saloon.

Catharine Sanders (Cat)
     -Misty (aka Ezra's Cat)

Catharine "Cat" Sanders has a mane of curly blonde hair and she has hazel eyes. Cat stands approximately 5'6" tall and usually wears a brownish dress.  She also wears a black leather whip at her side.  She is a very feminine, yet tomboyish individual.
And if those traits seem contradictory, the more the better to her.  She likes to confuse the issue and make people ask questions.  It keeps them off balance.

Cat is the singer in the Four Corners Saloon, currently owned and operated by Rachel.

Starring in:  The Outriders

     -as herself

Hair: long--hangs down almost to her knees when it's down. Often wears it in elaborate braids. JoMarie wears overalls and
goes around barefoot.

Background:  JoMarie grew up in a good home, being home schooled by her mother.  She spent lots of time in the woods and can survive for extended periods of time if need be.

Personality:  JoMarie loves to laugh.  If something is funny...she goes for it, even if it means embarrassing herself.  She's a tomboy, having grown up with all male cousins. She can box a little, and enjoys jumping in ponds for a swim.  She loves adventure, and can shoot rifles and about any long gun out there.  She describes herself as a "simple person."  She doesn't require
a lot of money or fancy things.  JoMarie likes getting into trouble here and there...she considers it fun.

Starring in:  The Outriders

Lylia Mendenhall
    -Wendy Hickman (aka Dunnesdarlin')

Eyes:  blue/grey
Hair:  golden blonde
Figure: petite

Personality:  Lylia is young, stubborn and proud on surface, but fragile and easily hurt underneath.  She's shy (sometimes mistaken for being stuck up), sometimes takes life too seriously, and takes things personally.  She's very honest and trustworthy.  Lylia also very loyal, has hard time letting go of past.  She doesn't trust people easily, and doesn't share true feelings.  Often, you can find Lylia daydreaming, longing to fall in love.

Past:  She was originally from Southern Virginia, but came to Four Corners to start new life after parents died of cholera.  Her parents ran horse ranch, and they were an upper middle class family.  Lylia was well educated, but naive because of the sheltered life she led.  Her parents left her a sizable inheritance, and she has hopes of opening up her own horse ranch in the west someday.
Starring in:  The Outriders

      -as herself

Eyes: blue
Hair: brown
Height: medium

Background:  Katie came to Four Corners simply to get away from the expectations of
a more civilized area.  She worked as a traveling storyteller for a while, before coming to 4C
and getting a job as the town's school teacher.

She refuses to carry a gun, but does sport a lasso when she is not in the classroom.  She speaks
with a Texas drawl and finds JD incredibly funny.  She's very independent, and strong willed, and
is not afraid to speak her mind.  She doesn't  have the slightest clue how to sit on a horse, which amuses
her friends to no end.

Starring in:  The Outriders

Katri Kurri

Hair: blonde, coming to her mid-back
5'1" and petite

Background:  Katri emigrated from Finland at age 16 with her Mumma and Bapa.  She fell in with a bad crowd but met Maude, who is teaching her the ways of the world.

Personality:  She is a whiz at seven card stud and quite independent.  She can ride pretty well, but na burr on a saddleblanket yet.  Carries a derringer in her parasol handle and a Colt in her carpet bag. Maude adores her - the daughter she never had, who is grateful for her company and her wisdom.

Starring in:  The Outriders

     -as herself

Physical Description:  Is 5’4”, average build, quite strong but not overly muscular.  Has deep blue eyes, and bra-strap length, wavy, coppery hair, which she always leaves down. She wears leather pants, an oversized white shirt, and cowboy boots, without the spurs. Armed visibly with twin Colt .45s and a rifle, Blaze keeps an assortment of knives on her person and in her saddle bags, along with two other guns, which she keeps ‘just in case’.

Personality:   She is quiet when around strangers, but once she feels she knows a person, she becomes quite friendly.  Very unsure of herself in social situations, Blaze hasn’t spoken to any one other than her Indian friend in over twelve years, and before then had only spoken to her family.  Blaze is always alert, taking things in.  She has a deep love for nature, particularly animals, as it was animals that she spent most of her time with growing up. Blaze is quite curious about everything, having lived such a sheltered life.  She can seem quite child-like due to her curiousity about things, but also has a wisdom which stems from some of her experiences on the farm, which can sometimes make her seem old beyond her years.  She is intelligent, picks
things up quickly, and can be quite insightful. Blaze can become quite thoughtful, and introverted at times, particularly when reminded about the deaths of her family and friend.  She lacks the social polishes that come from growing up in society,
and has never been what would be considered proper.  She also has a stubborn streak which runs in the family.  She is quite independent, and honest. Blaze would never hesitate to help anyone, espcially if she felt they were in trouble. She has a temper which flares up from time to time, but could never hold a grudge against anyone.  She knows how to take care of herself and exudes the confidence that comes from that.  She feels totally comfortable in the wilderness or while defending herself or others.
Background:  Blaze’s family were settlers, heading out west to make a life for themselves.  Their wagon broke in a small valley, and they ended up building a farm there. They raised each child to take care of the farm, instilling a respect for truth, and a love for the wilderness in them.  When Blaze was born, an Indian man came across the small family, and was quickly befriended.  He took Blaze under his wing, taught her how to take care of herself, and told her stories of life outside of the valley.  During the year Blaze turned fifteen, her entire family died, due to a string of terrible incidents.  She was left with
her Indian friend to run the farm.  Over the next twelve years, a few people discovered the farm.  All were men, most were convicts or else had bounties on their heads.  The majority were quite hostile and either attacked Blaze, or attempted to.  She  put her friend’s teachings to good use, and has since stopped counting the lives she has taken. Three monthes ago, a large band of renegades found the valley, and attacked the farm.  Blaze’s friend was killed in the battle, and Blaze barely managed to escape.  With only the clothes on her back, her assorted weaponry, her horse Dryad, and a few of her most prized possesions,
she was forced to discover the world that existed beyond the valley. Blaze has drifted about since then, avoiding towns for the most part, taking everything in, and dealing with the sudden change in her life.

Starring in:  The Outriders

     -as herself

Looks/Attire: Long straight dark brown hair, usually in braids hanging down or wrapped around her head and in a low ponytail. Rarely wears it down. Big brown eyes and black small oval rimmed spectacles. She's Italian, 5'4 feet tall and about 127 lbs. Has a great smile, in my opinion!;) Likes to wear overalls and buckskin breeches and an occasional dress/skirt. Wears sweaters, flannel shirts etc. Has a dark brown small felt hat. Looks like Haulings off Northern Exposure!;)
Personality: Loves animals and the great outdoors. Is laid back and relaxed, but loves to have a good time. When she meets people for the first time, she changes her accent, so they don't know of her true origin. She can heal animals and sort of talk to them. When she's mad it's a quiet rage that builds up inside her and just bursts sometimes. She likes to keep the peace and stands up for justice and those that cannot fight for themselves. She's kind, caring, funny, spunky and a real good friend once she trusts
you. Don't get on her bad side for she's real tough and mischievous. She believes in Mother Earth, but also that there is a god out there as well. When she kills animals to eat, she'll thank the earth and the animal for supplying her with food and so forth. She can track quite well and loves to always be outdoors. She's a sweetie and real honest too and loves a good adventure!;)
Traits: She's good with guns, bow and arrow, lasso and is a stunt rider. Loves to play any instrument she can get her hands on. Her favorites are the harmonica, Native flute, piano and guitar. Sings wildly off key, but can sing good when she chooses too which isn't often!;) She has a "pet wolf" that follows her around like her guardian, but stays distant. He used to belong to her Native friend that was murdered in the circus. She learned how to understand the Native language and ways from him. She believes the wolf spirit and that of her friend somehow combined and that is why the wolf protects her.
Past: She ran away from home at the age of 12, for her family was large and there was never enough money for food to go around. She joined the circus for money and something to do and a place to stay. She sends most of the money she makes though to her family. In the circus she learned to stunt ride, shoot and lasso like the dickens! She befriended a Native animal healer there and he taught her all he knew etc. The life in the circus was bad, she was whipped as well as the others, the wages were horrible the animals treated miserably and so forth. Nutmeg stepped out against it after her Native companion, Chikotay, was killed. She went to kill the manager and his gang and found Elixir there being beaten. She and Elixir killed the men and are now wanted and on the run. They share a common bond, to fight for justice. Also Nutmeg is helping Lixie find her parents murderers. They stick together for they only have each other and Nutmeg keeps Lixie in line and tranquil!;)
Nutmeg rides a Buckskin named Cody and a Strawberry Roan named Daisy. Cody is a Thoroughbred/Mustang and Daisy is and AngloArab/Hunter. They only listen to her and will not let anyone on them unless she says it's ok. She is a horse whisperer.
Starring in:  Enter: The Outlaws

Elixir (Lixie)
    -as herself

Special abilities: good with daggers and whip, comfortable with horses, good at healing people

Traits: aggressive, intelligent, witty, gets mad very easily (temper), serious, happy but reserved (shy), loyal, scared by parents murder (touchy subject), good sense of humour, honest, lies for good reason, observer, keeps true feelings inside, doubtful of own abilities, a con, 16 years of age, Polish,

Physical features: blue-green eyes, shoulder length dark brown hair, 5'5", 120 pounds, no bangs, small build, very expressive face
(eyebrows), angular face (pronounced cheekbones, heart shaped face, wears hair down/in ponytail/up in bun.

Attire: wears dresses and sometimes pants, wears blues and greens and winter colors, greys and darks.

Horse: (name) Raven, saddlebred, piebald black and white paint, laid back horse, gelding, type of horse that is good at judging people.

Story behind Elixir:
A gang of desperadoes killed her parents when she was 12.  She was recruited to the circus and learned how to use whip and daggers for shows etc. Now she is on a mission to find those desperadoes and to kill them.
Starring in:  Enter: The Outlaws

           -as herself

She's not your typical woman. She's got a history with Nutmeg. They met while Nutmeg was in the circus, she was old friend of Nutmeg's Native mentor. In fact she'd been raised by his tribe. She was found as a baby by the tribe. Her parents had been murdered by a rival tribe. They were missionaries. She learned tracking and the like from them and when she grew older, served as a guide for some army regiments until she realized they had no interest in protecting the land or the tribes. They just wanted
the land. So she shifted to bounty hunting. For a while. She doesn't do it full time. Just when she needs a little money. But she is good at it. Which is where she met Vin. They had a romatic relationship but when an old enemy of hers tried to kill him in revenge against her she disappeared to protect him. She still loves him and there is a hint of the same from Vin, but she's afraid to let herself love him again because she's afraid she might get him killed. Which is the last thing she wants. She has a pet hawk. Aenohe. He's very protective of her. She heard about what happened to Nutmeg and Elixir and went searching for them. She doesn't want to turn them in in fact she wants to protect them from it. And who better to protect them from bounty hunters than someone who does a little bounty huntin on occasion. She's in her mid twenties. (A few years older than me. But hey! I needed the time to get all her adventures in there) petite, curvy, hazel eyed shoulder length brown hair. Dresses kinda like Vin but
wears white shirts. She's also forever teaching Nutmeg stuff. Like that nerve pinchy thing from Xena. She's going to try and teach that to Nutmeg. In return Nutmeg taught her the fire trick. (Needless to say, going up against the two of them in a bar NOT a good idea.;)

Starring in:  Enter: The Outlaws

          -as herself

Looks/Attire:  Long straight brown hair, midway down her back, which she usually keeps pulled back loosely in a barette.  She has green eyes and a soft smile.  Not beautiful, but very attractive, has had many men look for her hand.  Wears dresses most of the time, but she wears regular pants when riding or going off by herself.  She is 5'3" and weighs 125 pounds.

Personality:  She's very good with children and has a special bond with horses.  She's quiet and finds it hard to talk with people sometimes. When she's angry, she never yells, but she speaks quietly with an unnerving stare until apologized to.  She's very stubborn and will go to whatever lengths are necessary to get her way.  She never lets her friends down, and she will use whatever con she can to get them out of trouble, reason being that she's Ezra's cousin.

Traits:  For safety reasons, she carries a small, two-shot derringer in her right boot.  She plays the clarinet and piano, and carries her clarinet with her everywhere.  She writes poetry under a pseudonym, and has had some published in major newspapers.  She can speak Spanish, which has come in handy many times.

Past:  Her parents died of cholera when she was only a few years old, so she was sent to live with relatives in North Carolina.  She grew up on a horse ranch in the Piedmont plains of the state.  While a child, she wasn't taken to by her cousins, and was forced to do many chores that were too much.  She was physically beaten and verbally abused, just as her cousin Ezra was.  They struck up a bond while he was there and she has come to Four Corners to find them now that her family is dead.

Horse:   Kristen rides a mixed-breed, liver chestnut mare named Cocoa. She was raised from a foal after her mother died by Kristen on the ranch and the two struck up a close bond.  The horse is very intelligent, coming from the Arabian in her blood, fast from the Thoroughbred, and durable from the Banker ponies in her ancestry.

Starring in:     Enter: The Outlaws

Kristen Rollins

Hair: brown
Eyes: green
She is 5'2".  She is a very sensitive, maternal, caring person who has a soft
spot for everyone.

Background:  She is 20 years old and is the daughter of a middle class
Georgia farming family.  She is a school teacher.  She has one brother,
Charles Rollins, 18.  Her parents are Robert and Lily Rollins.

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