It is no secret that my muse has been on sabbatical for quite a while now.  She blames me for not having time for her.  I say that IF she had been around, I would have made time.  Anyhoo...she's back in action.  She did stop in for a visit a few times over the past year, and left me with a few little ditties. Most of the poems below, however, were written years ago in high school.


Pier 94 Subject: The Pier where families went in the aftermath of 9/11 to discover the fate of their loved ones, and later, to file for benefits and death certificates.
Innocence Fell Subject: 9/11  I wrote this poem at around 10:00 am on September 11 as I sat in front of the TV with the rest of America.
Wait for the Water Subject: Achieving belonging or a dream after wishing for it for so long.
For You Love Me Subject: A declaration of love to my dear hubby, Terry.
Hold Yer Horses! More coming soon!  I have to dig into my old box of writing.


My Writing Updates

Are you waiting for my next work to be completed?  Probably not, but I'll include the updates below, just to let you know that I don't sit around eating bonbons in front of the TV all day. 


Haddie's Story Title: Don't have a title yet, but it'll come to me!   
Genre: Western/Adventure
Subject: This story is about my old RPG character, Hadley Parker.
Completion Date: December, 2002.
The Deaths of Sgt. Larkin Genre: Civil War Fiction
Subject: After her husband is murdered by Confederate soldiers, a woman takes on her husband's identity to fight for the Union.  Dedicated to the 100+ women who masqueraded as men during the American Civil War.
Completion Date:  Unknown
The Dawn Riders Title: Working
Genre: Western
Subject: The middle generation in a family trilogy.  The prequel and sequel novels will come later.  Savannah and Dakota face bandits and hardship on the frontier when they inherit a hidden silver mine from their recently deceased father.  They seek help from a handful of local mercenaries, finding more than they bargained for.  For Savannah, she comes of age in realization that love can be found and lost instantly in an untamed land. 
Completion Date: Unknown


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