The Harrington Haven The Harrington Family home page. 
Check it out for updates on family events, news, family genealogy and picture albums.

Tumbleweed Crossing Company


Web Design
Terry and I run a small home business specializing in web design, programming and databases for individual and small business needs.
Wind Riders Homeschooling Services
I spent a year and a half in the homeschooling biz, as private tutor to three children.  After I had Andy, I decided to work from home, providing support and online courses for homeschoolers.
The Outhouse Moon Dedicated to the history, lore, collection and preservation of outhouses.
We've become quite the talk in some circles!  Outhouse Moon is more popular than ever, and has quite a following.  I get tons of hits every day, and have even been featured and quoted in a major article by the Lansing State Journal!
Green Rider Chronicles A Fan Site for Green Rider, by Kristin Britain
I read a great fantasy fic that I thought deserved a fan site of its own.  It's a lot of fun, if you're a fan of the book.  Expect the sequel out next year!  The author and I have become acquainted over the net, and she loves the site! 
Gamma Beta Phi Society Troy State U. Montgomery Chapter
I am the President and Webmaster of TSUM's most active org.  We are an honor and service society
Dust Trails Fan Fiction dedicated to the Magnificent Seven: the series
You all know the story of how Terry and I met.  Now go read the stories that brought us together!
Calico Trails Magazine Western Historical Research Magazine
I recently took over as the Editor of the mag.  This is a great mag for anyone interested in the history of the American west, and the authors behind the stories.
Tumbleweed Station A Quick Stop for Military Brats and Other Wanderers
Tumbleweed Station was just revamped and revitalized with a new look.  Check it out!
Andy's Room Andy's Personal Web Page
Our precious 1 year old has a place to play online!  Complete with a regularly updated picture page. 
Liberty's Corner Liberty's Personal Web Page
Our dog, Liberty, has her own spot.  Wanna play with her?
Second Winds A Tribute to Darryl Worley
Country singer Darryl Worley is the son of Tommy, a friend of mine. Tommy and I worked together at Albany Int'l, Appleton Wire Div.  I haven't updated it in a while.

My Other Webpage Designs

These are webpages I've created for other clients.  I'm getting better with every webpage!  Check out our new business, Tumbleweed Crossing for more information!

StarDancer Press


Publishing Company
Home to Calico Trails Magazine and The Writer's Canvas Magazine.
The Writer's Canvas Magazine


Online Magazine for Writers and Readers
Lots of great info for those interested in books and writing.
The Cyrinda Tumblebrook Mystery Series


The Official Website of the Mystery series by Merry Stahel and Pamela James
Check out their new mystery series, available at any bookstore!
Merry Stahel


Merry Stahel, author
Author Merry Stahel's personal website, with info about her books and signing appearances.
Pamela James


Pamela James, author
Author Pamela James' personal website, with info about her books and signing appearances.
T.E.A.R.S. Animal Rescue Organization
Coming Soon!  TEARS in Birmingham, Alabama, rescues hundreds of unwanted animals every year and finds them good homes.
My web hosting service of choice is, since Tripod is a free service that has not screwed me (like NBCi, Xoom and Homestead did) in four years.  I use Front Page and Fireworks for graphics design (and I'm about to start learning Flash!!!).

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