For You Love Me

To my One and Only Love, Terry


In the sweep of a mouse                              When blue skies turn gray
And the blink of an eye,                               And Iím lost in the storm,
You found me.                                              You find me.

 With the push of a button,                             When my voice is suppressed
And soft trembling words,                             And the echoes prevail
You heard me.                                                You hear me.

  With the turn of a corner                               When Iím alone in a crowd
And an anxious hello,                                    And thereís no one to care,
You saw me.                                                  You see me.

  With a sweet gentle kiss                                 With a firm honest grasp
And a warm soothing touch,                            That will never let go,
You embraced me.                                           You embrace me.

  With the bend of a knee                                 When Iím down on my knees
And a twinkling eye,                                       And have need of a hand,
You asked me.                                                You ask me.

  In the light of our God                                   In the soft candle light
And the union of hearts,                                 And a loving embrace,
You joined me.                                               You join me. 

 With the promise of years                              From now, for all time
And the future to hold,                                   My life is complete
You loved me.                                                For you love


H. Jane Harrington

Copyright © 2002, H. Jane Harrington


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