A Journey to the Past
                by Jourdana

This in know way has anything to do with the current Group 3 RPG
storyline. This is strictly based on the Sat. night RPG we do.


 Jordy felt Chris's eyes on her back as she left him behind. Once
she was out of sight, she wiped away the tears that had coursed down her
finely boned cheeks.

 Her ice blue eyes scanned the horizon ahead, and spurred her
horse into a gallop. She raced towards a larger town called Meadow's Bay.
She had heard that a woman going by the name of Antionette Duchene Dakota
was living there. It appears that she had contacted her lost son, Michael

 Jordy rode into Meadow's Bay about two days later, and was the
recipient of a good many stares. She hitched her horse up outside of the
hotel, and dismounted. She unhitched her bags and headed inside.
 She removed her black hat revealing her dark hair that was piled
on top of her head so the waist length tresses would not tangle in the
wind while she was riding. She walked to the front desk and grimaced
slightly at the clerk's disdainful look.

 "May I help you?" he asked coolly. Jordy sighed, and looked at him.

 "Yes I would like a room please. Plus a bathtub with warm water
and soap brought to it so I can freshen up," she said. As she spoke she
pulled out her money so the clerk knew she was serious.

 "Your name, ma'am?" the clerk said finally smiling.

 "Jourdana Dakota," she said and then proceeded to spell her first
name. After Jordy signed in, the hotel clerk summoned someone to help her
with her bag, and to escort her to her room.

 Jordy tipped the man as he left after escorting her up to her
room. A bath had been drawn and Jordy stripped out of her clothes and
sank into the warm sudsy water, groaning as her sore and tired muscles
began to ease. She thought about the people she was looking for.
 Finding Michael shouldn't be a problem, all she would have to do
is find a man identical to Chris Larabee. Finding her mother would be a
bit more challenging.  Jordy realized that she had begun to forget aspects
of what her mother looked like. Sure she had recognized Chris as looking
like their mother, but Jordy had no idea how much, if at all, her
mother's appearance had changed in five years. She automatically knew her
mother would be dressed in a traditional dress most frontier women wore,
rather than the buckskin dresses she favored living amongst the Indian
tribe she had come to know as family. Jordy had never seen her mother in
anything but the buckskin, but she hoped that would make no difference.
Jordy sighed and continued her bath.

 The hotel clerk looked up and felt his jaw drop in shock. Coming
down the steps was the scruffy young girl who had checked in. But she
didn't resemble her at all now.

 Jordy had changed into a soft blue-green dress that made her eyes
look even lighter. Her blue-black hair was loose and fell to her waist in
soft curls, the ends still very slightly damp from her bath. The sides of
her hair were pulled back by a pair of ivory colored combs, a gift from
Ezra Standish. This was the first time she had ever wore them.

 She headed outside and began her search, at first a little
hesitantly. She walked to the telegraph office to send a telegram to her
brother to let him know she arrived safely. She also sent one to Mary.
She couldn't very well keep her cousin in the dark about where and how
she was. She thanked the telegraph officer and headed outside running
into a man's broad chest as she did so.

 Jordy looked up and gasped. If it hadn't been for the clothes
this man wore and she knew where he was, she would have sworn she just
ran into Chris. She realized she had just found her other brother,
without even trying.

 "Excuse me, ma'am," he said grasping her arm gently.

She shook her head slowly unable to speak. He smiled slightly and stepped to the
side. Jordy watched as he walked to the desk and talked with the man
standing there.

 "Good afternoon Mr. Andrews," the man said. The other man smiled.

 "Good afternoon Jack. I have told you before to call me Michael,"
he replied. Jack smiled and nodded. Jordy quickly squeezed out of the

 She sat down catching her breath. Some part of her didn't really
believe she would ever find Michael. And she had. She pressed a cool hand
to her face not believing it.

 "Miss are you okay?" she heard Michael ask. Jordy gasped, her
hand flying to a gun at her waist that wasn't there. Michael saw the
reaction and his face clouded over slightly.

 "I'm sorry. You startled me. I'm fine thank you for asking," she
finally said.

Michael smiled a little coolly.  "I should be the one to apologize, I shouldn't have startled
you," he replied. Jordy smiled at him. And he felt as if he had been
struck. Something about her smile reminded him of the mother he gained
just a few weeks before.

 "Maybe you would like to accompany me to my home for dinner? You
look somewhat lost anyway," Michael offered.

Jordy smiled.   "I would like that. And I am a little lost. This is the first
time I've been here. I was searching for someone," she said.

Michael wanted to ask her who, but thought better of it. The beautiful young girl
stirred something inside of Michael, wanting to protect her. Not how a
man attracted to a woman would want to protect her, but as a brother
would a sister. He frowned wondering why he would think of her like that.
He offered his arm to her and she took it and they headed to a house just
on the outskirts of town.

 Antionette smiled serenely as she woke up. She had begun to dream
about the beautiful daughter she so desperately wanted to return to. She
frowned slightly though not understanding why she would all of sudden
dream about her daughter. Just days before she and Michael had been
reunited she had dreams of the two babies she had ripped away from her.
 She sighed and got up to dress. It was time to tell Michael about
the sister he had. And the twin brother she was still searching for.

 Jordy smiled as she watched Michael with his children. She didn't
see a wife and frowned at that. She got up and headed into the house. She
heard Michael enter behind her and heard the kids outside still playing.

 "Where's your wife?" she asked looking out of a window. She heard
Michael sigh, and looked at him.

 "She died giving birth to Brie," he said sadly. He looked outside
and smiled. His two sons, Chris and Adam, played with his daughter
Brianna, affectionately nicknamed Brie. When Michael had told Jordy the
names of his two sons, she smiled sadly, thinking of her own brother and
the nephew she never knew.

 "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry," she finally said turning around.

Michael smiled. Before he could answer he heard the kid's calling
out.   "Grandma Dakota!" they yelled. Michael smiled and began to walk

 "Come, I want you to meet my mother," he said. Jordy stiffened
slightly. This was the moment she had always hoped for. She slowly walked
outside and felt tears springing to her eyes immediately.

 The fears she had earlier were unwarranted. She recognized her
mother immediately, even while she was embracing Michael.
 Antionette smiled as she heard her grandchildren call out to her.
She embraced Michael warmly, and looked up when she saw the young girl
walk out of the house. She gasped, barely believing her eyes.

 "Oh my god," she whispered walking towards Jordy. "Jourdana?"

 Jordy felt the tears begin to fall and she softly nodded.
Antionette stepped on the porch and continued to stare at the daughter
she never thought she would be reunited with again. She took her in her
arms, and frowned when she felt Jordy's stiffness.

 "What is going on?" Michael asked a frown crossing his forehead.
Antionette stepped back to answer.

 "Michael this is your little sister. Jourdana Dakota," she said.

Michael looked at her stricken.   "You told me your name was Jordy," he said.

 "It is. It's my nickname," Jordy said a little flatly.

 "Did you know who I was when we talked?" he asked getting angry.

 "Yes I did. It was hard not to," she replied.

 "I don't believe this! I invite you into my home trying to be
pleasant, and you knew who I was the whole time? Why?!" he demanded.

Jordy's eyes began to fill with tears again. She had faced Chris's temper
a few times, and would appear the twins where more alike than one would

 "Michael please. This is my fault," Antionette began. Michael
whirled on her.

 "You knew I had a sister and never told me?!" he said. Antionette

 "I wanted to tell you tonight. I never told you at first because
you had faced so much already," she said with a soft French accent. "I
didn't want you to face anymore pain."

 Jordy watched all of this feeling her heartbreaking. The torn
emotions she had been feeling in the recent events in Four Corners, from
her and Kyle's shooting to fighting with Chris, to Kyle's acquittal for
Daryl's murder, to Teriana, one of her closest friends, getting shot and
not remembering who she was, where of no comparison to what she was
seeing unfold in front of her right now.

 "Excuse me," she said softly and before either person could say
anything she rushed back to town and her hotel room. Michael barely
acknowledged the girl's exit. He watched his mother who looked close to
tears. He didn't care. This woman breezed into his life and flipped it
upside down with the knowledge that she was his biological mother.
 He had always known he had been adopted, but the stories his
parents had told him about his mother, how she never wanted him and
tossed him aside not caring. Then he finally found out the truth he had
been told was all a lie. Now he finds out he has a sister, and she was
right under his nose and standing in his house just this afternoon.

 "Maybe we should sit down," Antionette started. Michael looked
sharply at her.

 "Maybe you should leave," he said. Antionette looked at him and
shook her head.

 "No. I walked away from you when I told you the truth the first
time, and gave you time. But now you will listen. You owe that to your
sister," she said.

 "My sister?! I owe her nothing! I owe you nothing! You come into
my life and turn everything I ever knew upside down and suddenly I find
out I also have a sister!" he cried.

 "Don't blame her! She never knew about you! How she found out I
don't know! But the truth needs to come completely out! I wanted to give
you time to adjust having me around, before you found out about the rest
of your family," Antionette said walking into the house when Michael
walked in trying to get away from her.

 "What family? You mean I have other siblings besides her? How
many men have you bedded mother? How many kids have you left in the
lurch?" he said. He instantly regretted it, not only for the slap he
received, but because he didn't really mean it, he was just angry.

 "Don't you ever say something like that to me again! When I was
young I had you and your twin brother. When I found my husband and fell
in love again we were blessed with Jourdana, which we never thought would
happen. You have two siblings, a twin brother and a sister, who deserve
respect. Just like you knew nothing of them, they know nothing of you!
And as far as how your life and however your brother's life turned out,
blame for it lays entirely at your grandmother's feet. And for you, your
adoptive parent's for making themselves look like martyrs and making me
look like an ungrateful, selfish child! Your sister, however, is the one
to be hurt most here! She finds out just like that she has a brother, and
I have been missing for the past five years," Antionette said. Michael
had sat down feeling completely deflated.

 "I admit that when my mother told me that you and your brother
were in fact alive, I should have looked for you immediately but I
didn't, that was a mistake. I should have even investigated further into
how true your falsified deaths were when I was told. But I was a coward
and so emotionally unstable for either news that I didn't and now I
realize I was wrong, but I can't change what has happened. I can only
move forward, like you can. Now I think you should go to town, find your
sister and apologize and listen to her story," Antionette said. Michael
looked at her and sighed. He finally nodded and left, but he turned to
his mother first.

 "Will you watch the kids?" he asked. Antionette smiled and
nodded. Michael swiftly walked back to town, hoping Jordy had not left

 Jordy sat on her bed crying softly. She never ran from anything
in her life, but she really wanted to race back to Four Corners, to
David, her brother and her friends. She shook her head and realized she
wanted to go back to Ezra too. Before she had left she told David she
loved him, but her heart still ached for Ezra. She didn't know what to do
about either one. She felt she would find more happiness with David and
she did genuinely love him, but her heart still seemed to belong more to
Ezra. She sighed and wished life weren't so complicated. Ezra had
basically made her decision for her. She hadn't seen him since he gave
her the ivory combs she now held in her hand, and she had seen David a
lot more. But unfortunately they met under dire circumstances, and she
wondered if now that the circumstances where now gone, would her feelings
for David fade?

 Jordy heard a knock on the door and went to open. Michael was
standing outside looking slightly pale and a variety of emotions crossed
his face at seeing her. She tilted her head to the side. That was the
first thing she noticed that Chris and Michael weren't alike as. Chris
had so much heartache in his life that he hid his emotions, whereas
Michael, probably for his kids' sake, didn't.

 "May I come in?" he asked after a few moments of silence. Jordy
nodded and stepped aside. She had begun to pack and Michael saw her bag
on her bed.

 "Are you leaving?" he asked.

 "I was thinking about it. So what brings you here?" she replied.

 "I came to apologize and find out what you knew about me. I never
meant to snap at you, but you have to see how I felt...." he began.

 "I understood. But I didn't really know what to say or how to
tell you who I really was," she said. She sat on the edge of her bed, and
Michael sat next to her .

 "Why don't you start with, how did you find me?" he asked. Jordy

 "My father died four years ago, almost a year to the day my
mother was kidnapped. I never believed she was dead like everyone else
had, so I went in search for her. My journeys led me to a town near here
called Four Corners," she began.

 "I've heard of Four Corners," Michael said.

 "I found out my cousin Mary was staying there. I guess she's your
cousin too. She is mother's great-niece. When I arrived there I met seven
men. They protect the town. One's name is Chris Larabee," Jordy said. She
;looked at Michael before continuing. "He looked exactly like my mother.
I soon found out he was in fact my mother's son. One of two she had when
she was younger. Chris is your twin brother." Michael looked shocked. But
didn't comment allowing Jordy to continue.

 "My family in France sent me yours and Chris's birth certificates, and I told Chris.
He was shocked to say the least. But he eventually accepted the news and me.
He told me his story of what he had done since his life began, in Four Corners
and before," she said. She looked at Michael and smiled slightly. "This afternoon
when you introduced me to your sons, I was shocked because, Chris is your
brother's name, and Adam was Chris's son's name."

 "Was?" he asked somewhat confused.

 "Adam and Chris's wife Sarah dies in a house fire a few years
back. They died on a murder attempt on Chris," she said, and looked at
her hands. "He has never forgiven himself for that."

 "I could only imagine."

 "I left Four Corners, and Chris to find you and my mother. I had
heard a woman who had my mother's name was here and reunited with her
lost son, you. I never imagined that I would find you, let alone so
quickly. Imagine how surprised I was to bump into a man who looked
exactly like the brother I had already found," she said. Michael smiled

 "I understand. Running into someone who looks like your mother
could be a little unnerving but then running into another who looked
exactly the same could drive someone insane," he said.

Jordy laughed.   "I am not insane! Not yet. I'm just a girl looking for her
family," she said. Michael smiled at her and brushed a stray lock of hair
out of her blue eyes. He kissed her forehead softly.

 "Well, it looks like you found us," he said pressing his forehead
to hers. Jordy choked back a sob and smiled. Michael took her in his arms
and hugged her. Jordy felt a feeling of familiarity, as if Chris was
holding her, but she felt enough difference to know it was her other
brother. Michael pulled back and took the combs from her hands and placed
them back in her hair.

 "Now we just need to go talk to our mother," he said smiling.
Jordy laughed and nodded getting up. Together brother and sister walked
out of the hotel, arm in arm.

 "Aunt Dordy, hold me up!" Brie pronounced as Jordy and Michael
attempted to load the stagecoach, she, Michael, Antionette, and the kids
would be taking back to Four Corners, a few days later. Jordy looked down
at her young niece and smiled.

 "Brie, your aunt is busy," Antionette said walking out of the
house smiling. Adam followed her smiling. Jordy laughed at them.
Especially when Adam began to chase the squealing three-year old and
tickled her. The children had accepted the new edition to their family
with ease, like they had with Antionette. She hoped they would accept
Chris just as easily. Michael would take the opportunity while in Four
Corners to find a house for him and the kids, as well as somewhere to
stay for his mother until she found her own place to stay. Michael never
really like Meadow's Bay since his wife's death, and he needed to be much
closer to his new found family.

 Since Antionette decided she never wanted to be separated from
her only daughter again, she was going to Four Corners, plus Jordy was
there, and so was his twin brother. He sighed, meeting his brother would
be the hardest he thought. He had no idea how his brother would react. He
smiled as Jordy stepped up to him.

 "You ready?" she asked. He nodded and helped his mother, sister
and kids into the coach before boarding himself. The coach spurred the
people in motion heading them towards Four Corners, and their futures.
The journey to the past Jordy had taken a just a few short days ago, was
propelling her into the future and it was the first time she looked to it
without any fear.

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