The Mission

Now that you've decided to home school your child, we approach that big question.  What can we do for you?  Our services and prices can be tailored to fit your family's needs.  Decide what areas you are requiring guidance, as well as how much guidance you need.  We offer a free analysis of your situation, and can give you an estimate based on your specific requests, even if you are not sure where to start!  



I can help you develop your home school curriculum based on your education budget.  Using key factors such as the age and ability of your child, the child's specific interests, and the dynamics of your own community, I can guide you in tailoring the home schooling process for the best interest of you and your family.  


Curriculum Enhancement

If you are a current home schooling educator, I can develop fun educational programs to enhance the curriculum you already have.  Working with you and your family, we can design an interesting program ranging from one lesson to a year's worth of units.  Some home schooling educators get stuck on one unit, having difficulty developing lessons and activities relating to the subject matter.  That is where I can help!  Others merely need one lesson.  I also offer several educational programs for rental, including The Phonics Game, and the Miquon Math system, just to name a few.  


Classes and Private Tutoring

On a limited basis, I provide private tutoring services out of my home (for those within the Montgomery, Alabama region), or e-tutoring (for those who prefer a distance learning approach).  While I am unable to teach full curriculums at this time due to the care of my newborn, I currently offer a limited number of courses online.  Parents can utilize this service in two ways.  The first is the opportunity to take a break from the rigors of a home schooling day by allowing someone else to teach a subject or two.  Most veteran home schoolers understand how tiring home schooling can be, and welcome a break, however small it may be.  Secondly, educators who do not have a particular area of expertise can rely on us to teach the required material that they may not feel competent in teaching.  Contact me for a list of available subjects.   

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Web Page Design

I believe that the internet can be a powerful tool for home schooling educators.  I also believe that students benefit from supervised experiences on the internet, utilizing the research capabilities that the web has to offer.  There are many reasons for a home schooler to maintain a web site, including documentation of the home schooling experience for friends, family and others to share and learn from, teaching the student to build and maintain web sites, and establishing contacts with others who share your interest in home schooling, just to name a few.  I offer a very inexpensive web development package for interested home schooling educators.  For more information on our web development packages, visit Net Gains, the web development division of Tumbleweed Crossing.

In addition to web development, my husband, Terrance, can offer limited database and software development specifically tailored to home schoolers.  This includes computerized grade books, interactive online lesson plans, and interactive, randomly-generated quizzes.  


Computer Lessons

Computers are the future and they are here to stay.  To allow your student to get a jump-start on the technology of the future, I offer limited computer lessons out of my home to those students in the Montgomery, Alabama region.  These lessons can include one or more of the following:  introduction to the computer, word processing, typing, internet navigation and web page design.  Online tutorials are currently in development, and should be available soon.


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