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I offer a free analysis of your home school situation.  No gimmicks--no trial periods required--no deposits necessary--no obligation.  By submitting your information, you allow me to analyze your home schooling situation and needs, and present you with a reasonable estimate, as well as a summary of the recommended course of action.  You have my assurance that I will NEVER give your information to ANY other party, as I operate under the strictest confidence.  

All you need to do is send me a detailed description of your home schooling situation.  The more information I receive, the clearer the picture I can develop of your situation, and in turn, I can devise the most appropriate path for you.  Please take your time, and consult your student or family, if necessary. 

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1) Name

2) Address

3) Phone Number

4) Names, Ages and Grade/Ability Level of Children in home schooling

5) Your number of years/experience in home schooling

6) What type of services you require.  To review available services, click here.

7) Please give me a summary of your typical (or anticipated) home schooling day.

8) Please give me any other information that may be relevant to your situation.


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