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Online courses are taught through correspondence.  We provide the curriculum, the lessons, the grading and the one on one guidance, and your student provides the creativity!

Some home schooling educators and tutors lack experience or confidence in a particular subject.  Some just need a break.  Whatever your needs, we can help!

All courses are tailored to fit the age and ability level of your student.

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Courses Offered

Creative Writing

Course Name: Basic Creative Writing
Description: Students will explore the fundamentals of creative writing, utilizing their creativity and imagination to produce original works.  Includes intro to writing short stories and poetry.
Cost: $25.00       Supplies Required: None

Course Name: Fun With Journalism
Description: Students become journalists, learning the basics of researching, investigating, and reporting.  They create articles on topics of interest to form their own newspaper.
Cost: $25.00      Supplies Required: Computer Layout/Print program (PrintMaster, PrintShop, etc).

Course Name: All About Me: Writing Journals
Description: Students embark on a self-exploration adventure to learn more about themselves through journal writing.  Activities lead the student in an exciting quest from their infanthood to the present to their dreams of the future, while enhancing their creative writing abilities.
Cost: $25.00       Supplies Required: None

Course Name: Short Stories
Description: Students will practice their writing and enhance their creative abilities by creating their own short stories.  Character development, plot, syntax and symbolism are just some of the topics they will be exposed to.
Cost: $25.00        Supplies Required: None

Course Name: Poetry
Description: Student delve into the world of poetry.  They learn about different styles, rhythm, rhyme, and tone, along with other key aspects.  At the completion of the course, the student will have a collection of poetry to display proudly.
Cost: $25.00        Supplies Required: None  


Our Society

Course Name:  Roots and Wings: Life for American Military Brats
Description: Military Brats explore what it means to grow up in a military culture. By studying personality, friendship, family values and culture, military brats can come to understand that they may be unique, but they are not alone.  Designed for children of active duty military personnel.
Cost: $25.00         Supplies Required: None  


Coming Soon!

Course Name: The American Civil War
Description: What was life like for a Union drummer boy or a young southern girl during the Civil War?  Find out!

Course Name: The Pharaoh's Cat
Description: Follow the Pharaoh's cat into the past on a journey through ancient Egypt.

Course Name: Creative Cooking
Description: Use Math and Science to whip up kid-friendly meals and yummy treats!

Course Name: Tips for Living
Description: How do I balance a checkbook?  How do I pick a college?  How do I prepare for a job interview?  What is "interest", anyway?  Teens explore the basic living skills to survive as young adults in this crazy "real" world. Designed for teens.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the structure of the courses?

Courses are taught online.  Lessons are sent via e-mail, and students complete the assignments at home.  For help or questions, students can either e-mail, chat or correspond by telephone with the instructor.  When the assignment is complete, it is emailed back to the instructor.  The assignment will be graded within 48 hours and returned to the student.  A copy of the grade will be emailed to the parent or educator of the student.  

How do I contact you?

I can be emailed at  Another good way to contact me is through ICQ.  With this online device, we can chat and instant message online.   My ICQ number is 17531754.  A free download of ICQ is available from their homepage.  This resource is helpful, but not required.  Other chat rooms are available if so needed.  I am also available by phone at 334-290-0065.  

Are there any course requirements?

All courses have some basic requirements.  A computer with internet connection is obviously required.  Sometimes, arts and craft supplies will be needed to complete activities, though they usually consist of supplies you already have (crayons, markers, construction paper, etc).  It is helpful, but not required, to have a Print/Graphics program such as PrintMaster or PrintShop.  And last, but not least, the most important requirement of all: The will to learn and have fun!  Big Smiles Expected!!!  :)

Who are the instructors?

At the present time, Janie is the only instructor, specializing in English and History.  Terry will be developing Math and Science courses in the future.  If you have a specific request, please email us.  For more information on the instructors, please visit The Instructors


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