Forgotten Sister

By Gold Dust Woman

Disclaimer: The Magnificent Seven belongs to MGM, Trilogy, The Mirsh Corp. and TNN. I only own Kris. She's the younger sister of Sarah. The Cody and Hickok I have here have nothing to do with the Cody and Hickok that were in the series The Young Riders. I wrote them as a part of history and as Kris's friends.
Rating: PG
Special thanks to Calamity for the advise and the kind words.


It was January, 1872, when Cody and Kris came to Kansas City looking for Hickok.
They came just in time 'cause Hickok just lost all his money at the gaming tables.
"C'mon!" Kris shouted to him.
Cody grabbed his friend and said, "You know how impatient she gets. Let's go!"
"Go where?" asked Hickok.
"To a town called Four Corners," Kris answered.
"Four Corners?"
Cody handed him a message that was from Vin. They arrived at Four Corners in record time. 
Kris was anxious to see Vin. They rode up to the saloon and went inside. Vin and JD were 
at the bar when JD turned and saw a tall man about six foot three come in. He nearly fell
off the stool he was on. Cody and Kris came in and JD's eyes popped wide opened. Vin
greeted Hickok and Cody with a handshake. He greeted Kris with a hug. When he was hugging
her, he felt something was wrong.
When he let go of her, Ezra asked Vin "Aren't you going to introduce me to this 
lovely lady?"
"Sorry 'bout this," he said to Kris.
"It's alright," Kris said in a low raspy voice.
"Ezra this is Kris Con..."  Vin couldn't finish Kris's last name when Ezra took Kris's 
hand and said, "The pleasure is all mine."
Kris whispered to Vin, "Is he for real?"
Ezra smiled and went back behind the bar. He notice that JD was about to make his move.
Vin turned and saw JD was about to come over.
JD slapped his hand on Vin's back. "Vin 'ol pal," he said, "Aren't you
gonna introduce me to your friends?"
"Sorry I have to do this to ya'll. This is JD. JD this is..."
"I know!"
JD took Hickok's hand and started shaking it.
He then took Cody's hand started shaking it.
When JD was shaking Cody's hand, Kris was smirking.
The smirk quickly went away when she saw Buck come waltzing through the saloon doors.
He went up to her but he wasn't quite sure if he knew her. She realized that he didn't
remember her so she decked him. Chris entered the saloon and saw that his friend was 
out cold on the barroom floor. He stepped over Buck and went to Kris. He put his right
hand to her face. She started hitting him. Ezra stepped in and put his arms around Kris's
waist to stop her from hitting Chris.
JD poured water on Buck to wake him up.
He got up and asked JD, "What happen?"
"That's what happen!" JD said.
Buck went to Chris, who was still being attacked by Kris.
Buck said, "Darlin!"
"I am not now and never was one of your darlins!"
Then she asked them, "You two have no idea who I am do ya?"
Vin, who was trying to hold her back, asked her, "Why don't you tell
them who you are?"
"'Cause that would be to easy!"
Kris was trying to get free from Ezra when he said to Cody and Hickok, "May I suggest
you take the lady outta here!"
Cody, who had enough, said, "Good idea!"
Ezra let go of Kris when Hickok said, "C'mon Kris."
When Kris, Cody and Hickok were leaving for the hotel, Ezra asked, "What just happen
Buck asked Chris, "Did Hickok say 'Kris'?"
"Who's Kris?" JD asked.
Chris answered JD, "My sister in-law."
"How come you didn't recognize her?"
Ezra told JD, "Because they're a couple of ingrates!"
Buck was about leave when Chris grabbed his arm and said, "Leave her be."
JD said to Vin, "You look worried."
" 'Cause I am. There's somethin' that's different 'bout her from the
last time I saw her."
Buck, who was acting jealous, asked Vin, "Just how well did you know her?"
Before he leave for the hotel, he told Buck, "Very well."
In the hotel room, Cody and Hickok were trying to calm Kris down.
Cody said to her, "Calm down!"
"Calm down! I'll never calm down!"
"We have to leave." Hickok said. "But you're in such a state, maybe we should
stick 'round for a while."
"I'm not in a state!"
Vin, who was in the doorway, said, "I'll watch her."
"I don't need to be watched."
"Yeah, you do." Cody said.
Kris hugged Cody and Hickok goodbye. As they were leaving, Kris asked Vin, who was looking
at her, "Why did you do it?"
"Do what?"
"Bring me here."
Chris, who was in the doorway, said, "Don't blame him."
"Who should I blame?"
Kris went over to a window and looked out. She noticed that the sun was shining on
something across the street. Ezra, who wanted to know more, came to Kris's room. 
He was in the doorway when she shouted
"Get down!"
Kris landed on top of Ezra. Bullets came flying in. Chris got winged. Vin went to the
window and started to shoot. Whoever started the shooting seemed to have stopped.
Vin went to Chris and asked, "You alright?"
Vin checked to see if Ezra and Kris were alright.
"Is it over?" Kris asked.
Vin answered back, "It's over."
She got up and was about to leave when Buck stopped her and grabbed one of her arms.
Chris got up and took her other arm and they left for the saloon. Ezra was still
on the floor when Vin went to him and asked, "Ezra?"
"Yes Mr. Tanner."
"You can get up now."
Ezra got up and left for his room. Vin took one last look out the window and left.
Nathan was patching up Chris at the saloon when Kris asked him, "You do this a lot don't
Nathan left and Kris, Chris and Buck were alone at a table, not saying anything.
Buck broke the silence by saying, "Darlin!"
To stop her from leaving, Chris put his hand on top of hers.
She asked them, "How could ya'll forget 'bout me? Am I that forgettable?"
"No darlin," Buck said.
"It was as Ezra said," Chris said, "We're are a couple of ingrates who didn't
know any better."
"Is that your way of an apology, cowboy? 'Cause if it is I'm not accepting it!"
Kris got up and went back to her hotel room to lay down on the bed.
Someone had started a fire at the hotel. Ezra went to Kris's room and he carried her
out of hotel. Nathan was attending to Kris when Buck,Chris and Vin came to them. Chris sat
down next to his sister-in-law, who was sitting on the ground coughing. He handed her 
a glass of water when he said, "Looks like you'll be needin' a place to stay."
She replied, "Looks like."
The end.
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