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Magnificent Seven Fan Fiction

Completed Stories

Listed Alphabetically by Title

Title Author

Adopted Sons      
Being rewritten and improved. Stay tuned!


Terrance Keith Harrington
Almost  JoMarie
Ambush! Kelly Adams
Betrayal    Anonymous
Blackjack Sally Craggs
Blind Kelly Adams
Decisions    Gold Dust Woman
A Deck of Cards and a Derringer   Sally Craggs
The Fifth Horseman
Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10
Terrance K. Harrington
Fire Bug  Kelly Adams
Forgotten Sister    Gold Dust Woman
Full Circle Calamity Jane
The Last Straw Kate
Love Letters Terrance Keith Harrington
Mother Dearest 

Part One  *  Part Two

Kelly Adams

The Muppificent Seven

Terrance K. Harrington
My Friend, My Brother Jourdana
Rescue Sally Craggs
When The Leaves Fall

Part One  *  Part Two  *  Part Three  *  Part Four

Terrance Keith Harrington


The M7 Files
A New Series

By Amber Hetrick and Brandi Winkler

File #1:  The Reunion    

File #2: Framed 

File #3: The Wedding   ----Coming Someday!

Works in Progress

Listed Alphabetically by Title
Title Author Status
High Winds 

Part 1  *  Part 2  *  Part 3  *  Part 4  *  Part 5  *  Part 6

Rambo221 Incomplete
Like Father, Like Daughter    (sequel to When the Leaves Fall Terrance Keith Harrington Coming Someday!
My Story

Part One  *  Part Two

Lydia Incomplete
Parts of the Past

Part One  *  Part Two  *  Part Three  *  Part Four

Rose Larabee Incomplete


Magnificent Seven Poems
Listed Alphabetically by Title

Title  Author
The Choice Calamity Jane
Ghost Town? Linda Fink
Magnificent Seven Diamante Poems Linda Fink
The Magnificent Seven Alphabet Linda Fink
Panda's Keeper List Panda Bear
The Subject of Boredom EzrasFaith
A Tribute to the Fight

Mrs. Pander
(PandaBear's mom)


The OutWriter

A collection of fan fiction by the Outriders (Mag 7 Pards) all about us.


Completed Stories

What would you do if you lived in Four Corners?
Who would you be?  And where would destiny find you
among a group of seven men and a posse of lovely ladies?
Title Author
Answer to an Unruly Barkeep EzrasCat
Sevens Sierra Nevada


RPG Stories
The following stories are about the characters of the Mag 7 Role Playing Groups, but do not fit directly in to the RPG storylines.

Title Author RPG Group
Full Circle Cheyenne Group 1
A Journey to the Past Jourdana Chatroom RPG
Of Christmas Past... Calamity Jane Group 2
Tumbleweeds in the Wind Calamity Jane Chatroom RPG
What Has Gone Before

Part One  *  Part Two  *  Part Three  *  Part Four   *  Part Five

Suzi Group 1


The Outriders

Title Author
The Outriders Bio Page Collective Biographies
The Outriders Calamity Jane
Enter: The Outlaws

Part One  *  Part Two  *  Part Three

Nutmeg, Elixir, Marianne and Kristin


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