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Darryl's Address

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International Artist Mgt
PO Box 120261
Nashville, TN 37212

Darryl's Stats

Name: Darryl Wade Worley

Origin: Hardin County, Tennessee

Eye Color: Blue

Hair color: Brown

Birthday: October 31, 1964

Favorite food: Dad's ribs and Mom's cornbread

Favorite musicians: Keith Whitley, Merle Haggard

Interests: Darryl is an avid weight lifter

Darryl Ditties

Did you know...?

Darryl graduated from The University of Northern Alabama with a degree in Biology.  He also is trained in Chemistry.

Darryl's original plan was to become a Doctor!

Darryl earned straight A's in college, and graduated with highest honors.

Before making a name in Nashville, Darryl worked in Chemistry at Buckman lab.

George Jones' song, Sinners and Saints was written by our very own Darryl Worley!

Darryl is the middle child of three boys.

Darryl was born on October 31, 1964.  He's a Halloween baby!

Darryl wrote When You Need My Love based on his experience with an old girlfriend who broke off their engagement after many years.  About the incident, he says, "I got the ring back, traded it in, and bought me a pick-up truck."  You go, Darryl!  But sorry, gals--that doesn't mean he's available.  Darryl was married to his sweetheart, Beverly Irvin on May 11, 2001.

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