NOTE:  The following images have been taken from other websites.  I have attempted to pay due credit to the original party wherever possible.


These were taken from - WQMX Pictures  Click on the thumbnails for larger view.



This pic is from Darryl's first album, Hard Rain Don't Last.

This is the cover from Hard Rain Don't Last.

These great pics were taken from Kissin' Country's KZSN web site.


Darryl Worley poses with the staff of the Richard Petty museum.


Darryl (center) performs in the Petty Museum.

From CRS Scrapbook at

From The Wolf

Darryl signs autographs



Ain't he sweet?

From the video "When You Need My Love".  




Darryl and fan Britany Haydel 

From Britany's web site:

"The niceness and generosity that I have seen from Darryl surpasses
that of any performer I have ever met." -- Britany Haydel

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