The Choice
                  by Calamity Jane


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The gambler stepped down off the walk
And sunk into the mud.
He looked upon his soiled boot
And kicked it with a THUD.

“Oh, Ezra, dear,” a lady cried,
“I’ll clean them ‘til they shine
If you will promise little me
That you’ll swear to be mine.”

The gentleman removed his hat
And held it to his heart.
“Miss Calamity**, I’ll simply die
If ever must we part.

“How kind it was to offer me
Your sweet and helpful hand,
But never shall a woman work
When I can make her life so grand.”

He smiled his million dollar grin
And offered her his arm.
She fell into his sea green eyes
And drowned inside his charm.

They walked and talked for hours.
Ezra wooed the maiden fair,
When all at once a young man came
And met him with a stare.

“Miss Calamity, would you enjoy
A buggy ride with me?”
He offered her his empty arm
And Ezra set her free.

She smiled at both her handsome beaus
And climbed into the seat.
Her young companion slapped the reins
And they jolted down the street.

JD did his best to please
And acted like a clown,
But soon the mid-day sun doth said
It was time to head to town.

They soon returned the buggy
And came laughing down the street
When a scarlet red rose flower
Fell before Calamity’s feet.

She stopped and gasped abruptly
As Buck appeared and cooed,
“Miss Calamity, my lovely rose,”
JD laughed at Buck and mooed.

Buck knelt and plucked the flower up
And placed it in her hair.
“You take my breath away,” he said,
“my lovely maiden fair.”

He took her hand and swept her heart
And puckered for a kiss
When suddenly his friend appeared
And said, “My name is Chris.

"Miss Cal, I’m sure you won’t object
To joining me tonight.”
His icy eyes and melting smile
Made her heart flutter with delight.

Buck looked upon his haunted friend
And relinquished her to Chris,
For never had he seen the man
So lost inside his bliss.

The candlelight and dinner
Was like something in a dream
And his loving words flowed out like wine
Upon her in a stream.

When evening fell the man in black
Arose and took his flight
As a handsome man approached and said,
“Oh speak, my angel bright!

"I never knew what heaven was
'Til I looked upon you here.
And if heaven’s half as beautiful
Then death I’ll never fear.”

Josiah’s words burned to her soul
And she engraved them in her heart.
They sat and talked of love and life
Then heard the music start.

Before the man could take her hand
And lead her to the floor,
Another came before her
And she was swept away once more.

“You’re Nathan, yes?” she smiled sweet
And asked him for a whirl.
He shyly grinned and nodded
To the pretty little girl.

They twirled and danced
And Nathan felt as if the two were one.
No colors and no barriers
Could keep away the sun.

They next few hours flew like wind
And the couple had a ball
When in the distance the maiden saw
Vin leaning against a wall.

He spoke out to her soul
With just a nodding and a gaze.
She trembled as the man drew near.
She shook away the haze.

She felt him take her in his arms
And looked into his eyes,
But suddenly he was pulled away
And jumped back in surprise.

“She’s MINE!” said JD bitterly,
“You won’t steal her away.”
“You back off, kid,” Vin coolly said,
“And you’ll live another day.”

“It’s me she loves,” a voice rang out.
T’was Nathan standing by.
“But I deserve her most,” said Josiah,
A twinkling in his eye.

“I beg to differ,” Ezra called,
“For I believe I saw her first.”
“But it’s me she loves the best,” said Buck.
“No, it’s you she loves the worst.”

All eyes then turned to Larabee
Now entering in the game.
“Why don’t we let the lady choose
Who she wants to be her flame.”

Her wandering eyes scanned seven men.
She just could not decide.
“I love you all in every way!”
She happily replied.

“There’s seven men and seven days
So no one need I miss!”
The seven men all gathered round
And each received a kiss.

And then a buzzing sound went off
The clock flew ‘cross the room.
Calamity sat up in bed
And hung her head in gloom.

“Oh, what a dream!” she breathed and sighed,
Imagination taking flight,
“But I’ll be back in bed again
To dream of them tonight!”

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