By Anonymous
Story Type:  Heavy Drama
Theme:  Has One Swear Word
Note:  This Could be Really Bad
Disclaimer:   I don't own TM7. MGM, Trilogy and now TNN does.

Buck and Ezra were in the saloon. There were having an anniversary of sorts. A woman
was with them. Her name was Kris. For 2 1/2 years she rode with The Magnificent
Seven. Though she did not plan on it they became close.

As Buck, Ezra and Kris were celebrating inside the saloon, Mary was outside
the saloon starring through the window. They did not see her. 

Since the first day they met, there was always tension between Mary and Kris. As
Mary starred through the window, she thought to herself "What do they see in her?
She's not beauitful. Not even pretty. She's overweight. At least Chris isn't here."

Mary left.

Both Buck and Ezra got a cold chill. Kris was about to leave when Buck 
grabbed her left arm and shouted "Wait!" "Where are you going?"

Kris smiled and said "To bed!" Then she said "Buck." "Yea." "You 
can let go of my arm now." He did. Then she asked them "The two
of you have been acting funny lately. Is there anything I should
know?" They both said "No."

Kris went to her room. When she opened the door Mary knocked her
out from behind. A hand touched Mary's shoulder. It was Ella.

Ella asked Mary "What are you going to do now?" " "I don't know."
"I do."

Ella grabbed the blanket off the bed. They both put Kris inside it.

Ella checked the hallway to make sure no one was there.

Mary said "Wait." "What are you going to do?"

"You don't want to know." Ella answered.

Mary left. Ella through Kris over her shoulder. Ella went
out the back way. She put Kris in a wagon. Ella went home.
She went to the backyard of her house and started digging.
She buried Kris alive.

Meanwhile both Chris and Vin were having the same nightmares.
The both of the ended up outside the saloon.

"You to?" asked Vin. "Yea. Me too." Said Chris.
They went inside. Ezra and Buck were still there.

"This is crazy!" Ezra said. He ran up the stairs. Buck, Vin and
Chris were right behind him. When they got there the door was
half opened. Ezra pushed it in the rest of the way.

"Damn!" Said Buck. "We're to late!"

They went back downstairs. JD, Nathan and Josiah were there.

Buck asked JD "What are you doing here boy?" Why aren't you in bed?"

"I couldn't sleep. I kept having these weird dreams."

"We all did." Nathan said. Mary came back.

She starred through the same window. She saw the concerned looks
they had. Especially Chris's. She came in and walked up to him
and said "Chris I have something to tell you." She confessed.

They were stunned. Ezra asked her "How could you betray us
like that?" Mary ignored him.

Chris did not say anything. He started to leave when Mary shouted
"Oh my God! You're in love with her!" He tried to leave again.

Mary stopped him and said "You know you're not the only one here
who's in love with her!" Chris pushed Mary away.

They got on there horses and they raced off to Ella's.

When they got there, the house was empty. JD went to a window
that looked out to the backyard. "That's strange. It looks
like someone has dug up part of the yard."

"Oh god" Said Josiah. They ran out back. Vin found the shovel.

He started to dig. He stopped when he saw the blanket.
Vin and Nathan brushed some of the dirt off. They realized
Kris was inside the blanket. They lifted her out.

She wasn't breathing. Nathan began to pound on her chest.

She started to cough. Just then from the sky flower pedals
started to fall. Kris opened her eyes. Vin picked her up.

He said to Chris "We're not going back there." "Then where?"

"I know!" JD shouted. "We all do kid!" Buck said.

No one from town saw any of them again. It was like they
never existed. 
The end.
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