Answer to an Unruly Barkeep
                                          by Cat Standish


Cat storms through the doors to the saloon, hellfires burning in her eyes.
She glares around the room, and finally her eyes settle on the barkeeper,
nervously polishing glasses dry at the moment.  He gulps.  Cat walks calmly to
the bar, with slow, even measured steps.  The fire in her eyes blazes hotter.
She stops right in front of him, and holds up her left hand, lowering her head
forward just a bit.  Her left hand motions for him to draw close.  His eyes go
wide, but he does not come closer.  Cat grins.  With a motion so fast it
cannot be seen, her left hand snatches forward and grabs the barkeeper by the
collar.  She pulls him closer to her.  His face inches from hers, she smiles
sweetly and raises her eyebrows.  "You thought to close early tonight, did
you?  Think again." she hisses.

Without further warning, she pulls back her right arm and delivers a hook
punch to his jaw, releasing his collar a fraction of a second before the blow
connects.  He flies backward and falls agains the bottles on the wall.  He
stands staggeringly.  Cat jumps over the bar and starts pounding the
barkeeper, blow by blow by blow.  When he stops fighting to retain
consciousness, she ceases.  Just before he blacks completely out, Cat says.
"See that it don't happen again."  and calmly grabs one of the unbroken
bottles off the shelf and walks around the bar, sitting down quietly at a

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