The Magnificent Seven Alphabet
                             by Linda Fink


A is for Attitude, these guys have it down,
B if for Buck, watch your gals when he’s in town.
C is for Chris, the leader, serious and true,
D is for Dead, mess with them and that is you.
E is for Ezra, our con man with a heart,
F is for Four Corners, where they together got their start.
G if for their Guns, none faster can be found,
H is for their Horses, noble beasts that take them ‘round.
I is for Impressive, what you’ll say as they ride by,
J if for JD who can ride, shoot, swim, and fly.
K is for Knives, thrown with speed and skill,
L is for  the Laughter that JD’s jokes cannot instill.
M is for Magnificent, which is what these seven are,
N is for Nathan, with knives can heal or mar.
O is for the Odds they overcome without hesitation,
P is for Preacher, Josiah’s former occupation.
Q is for Quick, how each man draws his gun,
R is when they Rescue, no sooner said than done.
S if for the Saloon, where they gamble, drink, have fun,
T is for their Talents that they use to get things done.
U is the Undertaker, mess with the guys, that’s who you’ll meet,
V is for Vin, as a tracker can’t be beat.
W is that they’re Wanted, by women far and wide,
XYZ is to finish up, now Let the Seven Ride!!


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